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DisCO Elements

Care-oriented self-governance modules for future-oriented organizations

DisCO Elements are distinct modular practices which you can add to your own DisCO (Culture). DisCO Elements are a great way to create a healthy Cultural/Structural balance.

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DisCO Elements

The DisCO Elements are practices that were originally honed in Guerrilla Media Collective, the OG DisCO. They are modular practices uniquely suited for change-making organizations. Read about them and adapt and fork them to your liking for your own DisCO


Work that supports the health of organizations

Commitment Statements

Community supported goals and expectations


How to ease new members into DisCO

Community Rhythms

Keeping the beat for smooth functioning and communication


Peer to peer learning by listening

Conflict Resolution

Turn conflict and disagreement into clearer understandings

Mutual Support

Looking after people and being attuned to their needs

Norms and Boundaries

Group-determined consented agreements

Availability Mapping

Clarifying roles, availability and red lines

Working Circles

Dividing tasks and focusing efforts on thematic areas


Spaces where different DisCOs get together


DisCO-themed public hackathons

Additional Elements

The original DisCO Elements listed above are well complemented by other, non DisCO originated radical workplace democracy and care-oriented practices

Nonviolent Communication

Diffusing conflicts through root causes


Using commoning to move beyond binaries

Peer Production License

Anticapitalist licensing for resilient commons


Harnessing critical imagination for solidarity

Platform Coops

Reclaiming ownership of the plaforms mediating our lives


Living well within planetary and social boundaries

Design Justice

Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need

Feminist Tech

Knowledge production and how bodies manifest in societies.

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