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DisCO-compatible Movements and Allies

DisCO is only one solution among many in the field of alternative economics. It is designed to play mesh with others approaches. Here are some of the main DisCOmplementarities


Enabling other forms of existence on Earth

Mutual Aid

The many alternatives to the dominant system

Buen Vivir

Ancestral, communitarian knowledge


Harnessing critical imagination for solidarity

Platform Coops

Reclaiming ownership of the plaforms mediating our lives


Living well within planetary and social boundaries

Design Justice

Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need

Feminist Tech

Knowledge production and how bodies manifest in societies.

Ecological Economics

Ecosystemic interdependence and coevolution

Intersectional Feminism

Factoring all forms of oppresion for liberatory futures

Land Back

Reestablishing Indigenous sovereignty of ancestral lands


Self-government of towns, cities, and bio-regions

Trade Unionism

Worker solidarity and self-determination


Synergies between land, people and environments

Fablabs & Makerspaces

Community making, prototyping and digital fabrication


Free Libre and Open Source Software

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