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The following is extracted from the DisCO Manifesto chapter 6: Open-Value Co-ops for Radical Workplace Democracy:

Political: Of course, all cooperatives are political. They upend the three basic premises of capitalism: Private ownership of the means of production becomes collective ownership, wage labour becomes worker-owners and (absentee/hierarchical) production exclusively oriented towards profit and exchange is tempered by the original seven cooperative principles'. DisCO's additional seven principles turbocharge this. In particular, the addition of carework and feminist economics as essential components of the DisCO vision represents a change that is long overdue within movements that speak of emancipation (the old-school left) or the decentralization and disruption of hierarchical structures (the blockchain space). Whether a future DisCO chooses to “fly the flag” of these political aspects (like Guerrilla Media Collective) or not, the most important thing is that their practices will reflect these political principles.